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From the makers of Jackson Vapes and Blue Prints. If you vap, you should be familiar with these brands of e liquid. This review will be on the The Standard Flavor line. For the sake of the review I used 6ml tobacco strength and I am dripping it. The flavors I tried are Cell Block Four, Frankenvape, Slow Mo, and Tater. Now there are a few other flavors like Curious Jorge and Dead Man’s Party, which I am sure are great also. Those may be covered in another review. The names that SaveurVape used for The Standard line of e liquids is crazy. So do not think for a second that Tater actually taste like tater tots.
Just a quick review

First flavor on the list is Cell block Four a quality flavor. The flavor is a vanilla custard slash citrus type of flavor. Again this juice is a 6ml, and it is a bit of a throat hit on the inhale. A little harsh at first but very mellow exhale. The Flavor is not very robust, it is more mellow than most of the other liquids I have tried.

Frankenvape The Standard describes this flavor as “kiwi marshmallow with a hint of goodness”. I do get the Kiwi flavor on the inhale. This is mellow, I definitely taste the kiwi with a fruity something. I say more like a Kiwi-Strawberry or a Kiwi-Mixed Berry. Maybe the dripping is changing the flavor because I really do not taste any marshmallow. This flavor is a great candidate to try with the new Sub-ohm tank I am waiting for.

Slow Mo is similar to cell block four, in that it has a vanilla flavoring, but more mellow. “Orange cream sickle” is how the company explains the flavor. Vapor production is good. Smooth, not harsh at all. Very creamy on the inhale. Very smooth. Exhale you taste most the citrus flavor but still that hint of vanilla or something else on the exhale. As a combination, inhale and exhale, great flavor. I do get that Orange Cream Sickle taste that The Standard brand is going for, over all a good liquid.

Tater, no this does not taste like Tater Tots! Again with the 6ml dripper, this Tater is like a Neapolitan flavor. Neapolitan was not what I was expecting. This flavor of all the flavor I think this has the most robust flavor than any other flavors in The Standard line of e liquid. Smooth and flavorful inhale and just as robust of an exhale. It gets you a bit in the back of the throat, but over all great flavor and great vapors.

Although this review of flavors from The Standard was done with a cotton drip system, I have just ordered a new Sub-ohm tank. I will be performing another review with the new tank. Happy Vaping!